Types of Website Hosting Pros and Cons, a Quick Beginner’s Guide 2021

Types of Website Hosting Pros and Cons, a Quick Beginner’s Guide 2021

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There are different types of website hosting, so that servers are all different. That’s why multiple choices for web hosting exist.

A single server could be used by several websites. Any blogs, meanwhile, provide a domain for themselves.

What is Website Hosting?

To ensure that you have a complete grasp of what web hosting is first, let’s discuss the basics.

Websites are stored on servers that hold websites and data connected to such pages, which are strong pieces of hardware. Any part of your website is stored and accessible through your web host on a server. This requires components such as folders, text, pictures, videos, anything.

In data centers, which are usually run and operated by multiple web hosting firms, servers are physically housed.

Web hosts have the technology and server space necessary for Internet connectivity to your website. This helps people to scan and access your web pages online for your site.

Types of website hosting

When you head out to buy a web hosting package, you’ll be offered a range of various types of hosting choices. In order for you to make the correct choice according to your needs, it is necessary to know the difference between and one.

Shared Hosting

Types of website hosting - shared hosting

Among individuals and small companies, shared hosting is popular as it is one of the most inexpensive hosting plans. In truth, simple hosting plans are also used by several common websites. It’s a plan where several websites are hosted on a common server (mostly belonging to various owners).

The average cost of hosting is very low as compared to other alternatives, as the services are pooled. This hosting service is appropriate for websites having monthly visits of around 30k or below. You will host nearly all sorts of shared hosting sites, from WordPress to HTML sites to Joomla.


  • It’s very cheap.
  • Perfect when you’re just beginning.
  • All types of websites can be hosted.
  • Simple to set up and handle.
  • Comes with options for limitless bandwidth.


  • Unable to control higher traffic (above 30k visitors).
  • No access from root.
  • Your site’s efficiency will be influenced by other server-hosted websites.

How much to pay on it

It is one of the most economical choices and can be ordered monthly for as little as $1. A joint hosting contract for more than $10 per month can never be bought.

Recommended Shared Hosting Services:

Dedicated Website Hosting

Dedicated hosting, as the term implies, means dedicating a domain to a specific location. As a consequence, all the services are concentrated on your platform. For large companies, this alternative is ideal as it is very costly but guarantees decent speed and high uptime.


  • Suitable for massive (>300k visitors/mo) websites.
  • Simple to set up and handle.
  • Very secure.
  • Multiple dedicated IPs.


  • It can be very costly for some of the consumers.

How much to pay on it

Dedicated hosting which cost around $80 a month; however, the price depends on the specification and add-ons purchased.

Recommended Shared Hosting Services

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, simplified to Virtual Private Server, requires renting a portion of the computing services available. You can buy as much space, RAM, and electricity as you like. A variety of computers are linked together within VPS services and function as a single resource.


  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Customizing Bid.
  • You’re paying now for what you need.
  • Great with blogs of all sizes.


  • It can be sort of hard to set up.
  • The output of your site will also be affected by other pages hosted on the same server.

How much to pay on it

It can be ordered for as little as $15. Nonetheless, depending on customization options, most packages cost between $20-$60 a month.

Recommended Shared Hosting Services

What is The Best Hosting Type for your Website’s?

This solution is going to be different for everyone. It all depends on factors such as the kind of website you have, the services you need, your budget, and traffic.

Once you find out what form of web hosting is better for your website, you need to select a hosting service and schedule. I’ve given my top recommendation for each group in this guide, so that’s the best place to start your quest.

Final Conclusion

we discussed the 3 types of website hosting, I hope you got the whole idea simply, and hope you now got the idea of hosting or web hosting. For more guides and tutorials, I encourage you to subscribe to our website newsletter to keep yourself up to date.

Thanks for reading.

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